Call Blocker Call Annihilator

Call Blocker will not just block calls it will annihilate them. Never again receive annoying calls from your ex, in-laws or telemarketers. You have total over who you want to block and who you don't want to block and when to block. You will not hear or see any alert notification or ring when the call is blocked. Call Blocker works with wildcard number matching so you can block all 800 numbers Unknown or Private calls. Specify always block or provide the time of the day you want to allow the call to go through. You can even instruct the call to go directly to voicemail or to completely block the number. Call Blocker integrates into BlackBerry® contacts and Phone app for easy access to phone numbers. View at any time, last 50 blocked calls. This is a one-time payment and you own the app for life. No monthly fees whatsoever!

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